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Corporate Events

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Nikki offers a variety of training talks, some of which include: ‘Personal Development’, ‘Overcoming Adversity’ '#LookAtMe' 'Chronic Pain Management' and ‘Living With A Disability.’

These topics are useful for every aspect of life including the workplace. Nikki is currently developing a broader selection of talks and would encourage you to get in touch if you have a particular topic in mind.
Her ability to provide a healthy dose of reality has proved very beneficial with clients. The workplace can be a hub of disgruntled staff who feel demotivated and who lack drive. The idea behind Nikki's captivating talks is to encourage people to look a little further outside of their immediate situation and to appreciate that it might not be as bad as they first imagined.

If you would like to get in touch or speak with Nikki directly, please click here.

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