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Motivational Mentoring

TMF Boxes Motivational Mentoring still shouldnt be neededAlong with the launch of 'The Motivation Factory' came a new service; 'Motivational Mentoring'.
How many times have you set out to achieve a certain goal and felt fully certain you were on to a winner only to feel the familiar flutterings of doubt and fear creep in half way through. Once doubt sets in it can have a detrimental impact on the over all result. Nikki will guide you from start to finish drawing on her own experience to motivate and provide a little tough love when needed.

So, how is this different from regular mentoring?
For starters, Nikki's primary aim is to assist those with personal goals rather than business goals. Ideally fitness/ adventure related. Once you have your initial meeting with Nikki she will decide whether she is a good match for your needs. If not, she will happily refer you to someone who is. 

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